Hellow ! My name is ichigoba nap (game designer).
I managed @BUDAcafe(budapest at home cafe).
I designed ONSEN EKIDEN(Ekiden relay race game) , SUIKODEN marathon,
Itsuki Fujii's picture diary. [next tittle] ARISAKI DANCE et ballet

Do you know EKIDEN ?
2019/11/20 22:12



In Japan, I love EKIDEN (distance relay-race) & marathons. It’s just a little bit, but they sell the theme "the theme “ONSEN EKIDEN” and “SUIKODEN MARATHON".

Suikoden Marathon is a card game that's the opposite of the “Penguins Party”.

I’m sorry. Due to circumstances,we don't accept reservations for games. I think it will remain in the morning, so please come early.