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初めての作品『トリックテイカーズ (2021年春新作)』をよろしくお願いします。キャラクターごとの異なる視点でプレイするトリックテイキングゲームです。

Idea source of “Hashi de CUBEs”
2019/10/31 4:48

The masterpiece computer puzzle game was released in 1984.
What kind of game is going to be if the game transforms to an analog game?
Is it really going to be an analog game in the first place? Is it enjoyable if it becomes?
YES, it ’s fun!! That's why I planned it!

Random combination of 4 square blocks are falling down to the playing field in the masterpiece puzzle game.
"Hashi de CUBEs" uses the combination of 2-5 square blocks.

This combination makes this game unpredictable and more challenging.
If you are interested, watch the video below:

Play-test video "hashi de CUBEs (prototype)" (YouTube video)


Also, the game article is available on ASOBI Gokoroko website (
You will understand what's so fun about it!

ASOBI Gokoroko-Play diary of? "Hashi de CUBEs"