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2018年04月13日(金) 12:57

Rule book of “DICE WIDE SHUT” (EN)

We are just released an English version rule book of our new game “DICE WIDE SHUT”.
DICE WIDE SHUT rule book(EN) ver.1

“DICE WIDE SHUT” is Roll’n write type game.
Players take one / two dice on each turn and check mark the number showing on the dice.The board has numbers that can be filled in depending on the color of the dice (red / blue). More the check marks continuous in one vertical column without any blank space in between, the score gets higher.
Try to avoid filling out onefull horizontal row as “split” will occur. If “split”, the check marks will be crossed out and does not count at scoring.
If any player fills in 3 columns on either the red top half of the board or the blue bottom half of the board, the game ends. The player with the highest score wins.

If you want a more detail, please see at above link.
(Note: The English version rule book is not included in the game.)


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