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Cho Han Trick-taking Game (English Instruction)
2024/4/18 19:06

The latest release from PaixGUILD, which has distributed numerous trick-taking games, is the gambling-themed trick-taking game "Cho Han Trick-taking Game"!

Game Overview

A heart-pounding single trick! Is the combination of the trick's [strongest card + weakest card] even or odd? Experience the addictive taste of bold betting and exquisite strategy 🦅 with this new sensation trick-taking game.

Number of Players: 3-5
Time: 30 minutes or more
Special GameMarket Price: 2900 yen
 ★100 yen discount with reservation

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History of Cho Han Trick-taking Game

In the 16th century, Oda Nobunaga favored a game called "Tori-Tsuku Tei-King" (酉創帝王). One of the various games devised based on Tori-Tsuku Tei-King was "Cho-Han Trick-taking" (丁半酉帝). Cho-Han Trick-taking game quickly swept across Japan as a game that combined trick-taking with the dice game Cho-Han gambling.

However, as people began to play Cho-Han Trick-taking excessively and neglected their work, Oda Nobunaga, feeling a sense of crisis, declared a ban on Cho-Han Trick-taking Game. It is said that Cho- Han Trick-taking game disappeared from history as a result.

Given its short period of play and the lack of remaining literature, the revival of this game in modern times could be considered a miracle.

*This setting is fictional.





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