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E-レックス / Emotional Rex:どんな感情で文章を読んでいるのか絶対笑ってしまうパーティゲーム! (予約、新しい遊び方)Part 2
2023/11/28 22:56

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ゲームマーケット2024春   ブース・B43












オリジナルの遊び方はトークンを駆使してポイントをかせぐ頭脳戦でもありますが、 ゲームをよりシンプルにし、よりクイックな遊び方ができる新しいルールも今後の記事で紹介する予定です。



東京ゲームマーケットでも、この新しいルールを紹介する予定です。 土曜日のブース:ウ26にぜひ遊びに来てください! きっと盛り上がりますよ!

さらに詳しい情報やサプライズも近日公開予定です!  ご期待ください!




Reservation Site: (Click the red button at the top of the page, then enter your name in the top line and the same email address in the next 2 lines.)

Game Market Spring 2024 Booth:B43 

ntroduction Video (subtitled):

Hello Everyone!  

I am happy to announce that Emotional Rex will be coming to the Fall 2023 Tokyo Game Market!

If you haven’t heard of Emotional Rex, let’s start with a wonderful recommendation video from ボドゲマニア (from 1:49).

In Emotional Rex, one player is going to read a sentence card in a predetermined emotion.  For example, can you say:  

「Will you marry me?」in an evil, euphoric, or miserable voice?

Other players are then going to play a token on the board trying to guess which emotion the reader has. 

If you’d like to read a more detailed explanation of the rules, you can also check out this post:

But not only that, I am excited to announce a NEW VARIANT RULE SET for the game!  This variant makes the game simpler and also makes it go faster.  

I will go over these rules in a future post, but if you already own a copy of Emotional Rex, you can download and check out the the new rulesheet here: 

Rulesheet download

I will be showing this new variant at Tokyo Game Market as well.  So, please come join my friends and I at Booth B43!  It’s going to be a riot! 

You can reserve your copy on the E-Rex Game Market page by clicking the red reservation button at the top of this page:


More information and surprises will be coming soon too!   So, please stay tuned!