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【I11】 Régalez

デザイン Akihiro Matsumoto
人数 1~8人
時間 15~60分
年齢 7歳~
価格 4000円
発売 2015春
3行で説明1 “Régalez“ is new type of fighting game.
3行で説明2Let's bring up the pretty plant!
3行で説明3And get the point by pruning the shute.

〇 The mean of “Régalez“ is “enjoy” in French.

〇 It is the new type of game to bring up the plant of Oxalis which is the motif of this game and to get the point by pruning the shute of it.

〇 But be careful, if you prune the shute with the ‘Husk’ crop, you will get the minus point. Let’s prune the shute with ‘Ripe’ crop.

〇 Watch his hands and carefully chose. You have to think which is the best way, bring up the shute, pruning the shute or using functional tile to disturb his points. Your intelligence, inspiration and luck will bring you to the win.

〇 The number of patterns is more than 10 to the 144. You can enjoy the game until no mans land will come.

〇 This is the new type of artistic game with enjoying the change of the beautiful tile pattern during fighting.

〇 You can enjoy the game with one to eight or more friends. Also you can enjoy by your self if you are in the uninhabited island.

〇 Playing time can be controllable by changing the number of tiles.

〇 Let’s régalez with “Régalez”.

2019春 両-H08 体験卓あり

ゲームをしながらアートする 新しい感覚のアートゲームです 知力・勘・運が勝敗を決めます。 Trumplusシリーズもあります。