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2017年02月21日(火) 03:29

【H07】Putzroboter English rulebook

Hallo! We are table game create group “Butagoya”.
We will publish the English rules of our new game “Putzroboter” to sell at the GAME MARKET 2017 Kobe.

Putzroboter is a simple action table game to be able to be idle in the children.

Putzroboter English rulebook

Robot vacuum(Putzroboter) came to my house!
Mommy said that it was very cheap, but if you throw it it will
automatically stick together the things you want to clean up, and not
just proceed straight, so good things will be able to clean up things
you did not notice! But my friend who has a robot say “When I go out,
A robot is cleaning automatically” ……
Well, thanks to the robot I managed to clean up and happy!
I’m going to cleanup  today!

Putzroboter – Butagoya Official Site (Sorry, Japanese only.

2019春 両-J18 体験卓あり

ドイツゲーム喫茶 B-CAFE 姫路駅から徒歩7分 こだわりの店内焙煎コーヒーや紅茶・ドイツをはじめ世界中のボードゲーム・カードゲームが遊べるカフェです☆(ゝω・)v 豚小屋とは!兵庫県姫路市で、メンバーの『酢豚』と『アタック』が本能の赴くままボードゲームを作成し、ラジオを録り、好き勝手するボードゲームサークルである!