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2019年05月15日(水) 20:06

【両-F11】(Reservation Link Updated)『Crossroll Hong Kong』『Electioneer』『Samurai Vassal』

[This is an English repost from previous post.(オリジナル)]

Doubledecker games are holding a Game Market 2019 Spring booth (F11) on May 25 and 26. You are welcome to make a reservation on our games.

Crossroll Hong Kong (2019 New Release)

Electioneer (2017 Kickstarter)

Samurai Vassal (2017 Kickstarter)

Please visit the following link to make your reservation.
<<GM2019春 Doubledecker Games ダブルデッカーゲームズ 予約フォーム>>

Let’s take a look on the games.


●クロスロール香港  Crossroll Hong Kong (2019 New Release)

Price:2000yen(Game Market Special Price)(with dice tray)
Genre:Roll n’ Write

“Find yourselves at crossroads? Roll and write your own road map!!”

Crossroll Hong Kong is a simultaneous cross-region adventure. Players select a number from the dice that enable to move along routes connecting throughout Hong Kong. The more the routes they complete, the more points they earn.

Additional points come to those who can complete their routes more efficiently or stop at certain landmarks on the map to capture the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong.

Crossroads across routes can help you navigate the map more flexibly. So be ready to make the most interesting decisions at the crossroads.

ゲムマサイト(further description)


●選挙工学 Electioneer  (2017 Kickstarter)

Time:30-60 min (Beginner’s rule)/60-120min(Expert Rule)
Price:4000yen(Game Market Special Price)
Genre:Area Majority

I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how. — Joseph Stalin

During the game, you move and commute along the routes and ferry lines to arrive at a new zone. Upon your arrival, you can confirm the zone if you have already gain that zone to your hand and you have enough resources discs.

Each zone belongs to different geographical regions and constituencies, both of which will affect your current ranking in Votes. You fight to major or second in regions and constituencies to gain the Vote tokens. In critical moments, you may consider publicly disclosing your Strategy to gain some immediate advantage.

In the end, all Votes on your Vote tokens, zone effects and Strategies will be counted. The player with the most Votes wins the election.

ゲムマサイト(further description)


●待名臣 Samurai Vassal   (2017 Kickstarter)

Price:1500yen(Game Market Special Price)

Samurai Vassal is a fast-paced simultaneous action card game for 2-6 players. The theme is set in ancient feudal Japan during the Sengoku period. During this time period, Japan didn’t have a ruler so it was split into different regions ruled by different warlords called daimyos. Each player plays as a samurai to propose policies to their daimyo in order to win his trust. In each round, players can discuss what kind of policy they will propose. They may form alliances and gain the daimyo’s trust together and or deceive each other and become the lone winner. The first player who gains 12 trust points from the daimyo wins.

ゲムマサイト(further description)

2019春 両-F11 体験卓あり

ダブルデッカーゲームズです。香港から色なデザインの連れて2019春初出展。2019春は新作「クロスロード香港」を頒布します! よろしくお願いします!海外のKickstarterで3作注目されています。 代表作:選挙工学、待名臣、文明時代 etc
fb/ig: @doubledeckergames