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2016年12月09日(金) 07:51

【G34】Tokkome(English rule)

Hi there!

Let me introduce this game called Tokkome 捕込.

Tokkome was a special area used by the Edo Bakufu to catch horses for cavalry.


3-4 Players

Age 9+

Approx. 20 mins



1. Shuffle the horse cards

2. For 3 players, deal each player 8 cards, for 4 players deal 6 cards.

3. Place the arena card (goshoranba) in the center of the play area.

4. Place all remaining horse cards face down to the left of the arena card.

5. Draw one horse card from the draw pile and place it face up on the arena card. The card(s) placed inside the arena is called the Tokkome.

6. Draw another card from the draw pile and place it to the right of the arena. This is called the maki pile.

7. The starting player is the one who has most recently ridden a horse.




During their turn, a player may take one of 3 actions:

1. Place a card from your hand on the Tokkome OR maki pile.

2. Place a set of 3 numerically ordered cards on the Tokkome OR maki pile.

3. Add all of the cards from the Tokkome pile to the player’s hand and place any three of a kind face down in front of the player.



Action rules:

1. Any single card added to the Tokkome or maki pile must be in numerical order with the top card, ascending or descending

2. A set of 3 cards placed on the Tokkome or maki pile must also be in ascending or descending order in relation to the top card on the pile.

3. Only after taking the Tokkome pile, a player may put down a set of three identical cards. Only one set may be placed per turn. When taking the Tokkome pile, if the number of cards is less than 3, the difference must be taken from the draw pile. After taking the Tokkome pile, one card from the player’s hand must be placed on the arena card.



End conditions:

1. The game ends immediately when a player has no remaining cards in their hand.

2. Once the last card from the draw pile is taken, that player has the last turn.



For each three of a kind placed in front of the player, the player receives points equal to the number on the set. (set of 4 horse cards = 4 points, set of 5 horse cards = 5 points)

For each card remaining in a player’s hand, points are deducted equal to the card value. A certain card value is only deducted once. (2 x 4 horse cards only = -4)


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