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2018年05月04日(金) 20:51

[Ficdep] Escape from East Berlin [New game information]

Design 伊川清三 (IGAWA, Seizo)
Illustration むへどるり (Muhedorui)
Players 2 players
Time 20 – 40 min
Age 12 y.o.  or over
Price 2000 JPY
Release 2018/05/05
Booth 5/5 H-24 Ficdep (Only Sat.)
Language 日本語 / English


The stage of this game is Berlin in the Cold war. In Berlin separated by the Berlin Wall, this game shows a battle between the exile designers who long for freedom and the Secret police which prevents exile.

This game requires 2 players. One player is a leader of the exile designers group, and the other is an officer of the Secret police.

The leader should assign group member to an escape tunnel construction or funding, and the victory condition of the exile group is that a tunnel construction is completed. Secret police should arrest group members, and the victory condition is that the group is destroyed by the 6 times arresting.


English mamul (Ver 1.0, 2018/05/04 released)


東ベルリンからの脱出/Der Tunnel

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