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2018年05月04日(金) 21:13

[Ficdep]Kremlinology (Revised ver.) [Revised game information]

Design 伊川清三 (IGAWA, Seizo)
Illustration えーしー (Ac)
Players 2 – 5 players
Time 30 – 60 min
Age 12 y.o.  or over
Price 3500 JPY
Release 2018/05/05
Booth 5/5 H-24 Ficdep (Only Sat.)
Language 日本語 / English



In the Cold war, the world is separated by U.S.A and U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as the the great power covered with a secret veil, in Soviet Union, all things are secrets. Even the order of national executives is no exception. However, it is difficult to negotiate diplomacy while there is unclear information for the order of national executives. You were selected as the information analyst, and gave the task to estimate the order of U.S.S.R. executives! From press releases from Kremlin, the information from spy… you should estimate the order!

[Purpose of players]
This game requires from 2 to 5 players, one player is a Kremlin spokesman (game master, not involved in the outcome of the game), the others will be the information analysts in western countries. In this game, competition will be made on how much rank order can be hit among information analysts in the west.

[Manual and summary]

 Kremlinology manual (Ver 1.0, 2018/05/05)

Kremlinology game summary (Ver 1.0, 2018/05/05)



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