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2015年11月20日(金) 08:44

[English available] Cogito


Players: 2-4

Time taken: 7-10min



Who am I?

It is simple.Eliminate what is NOT me,

and there will be me left.

Each of the assembled philosophers began searching

What is NOT me.

Be on guard, though. Other philosophers might not be your companion. If you continue to prospect wrong, you may lapse into ego disruption.

Will you be able to find true selves?



A rule book(this paper)

4correlation diagram cards

4card holders

20 game cards


About Card



(1)Number of stratum

There are ‘I’,’Ⅱ’,’Ⅲ’ ornone.

‘Ⅲ’cards are called

‘Self card’


It is written on the blue side

of the cards. You read it

out loud when you reveal your



Blue positionandRed position

Every card is colored with red and

blue.When the blue side is up, it is

called ‘Blue position’.

When the red side is up, it is called



 The Actions in detail 




  • Shuffle nine ‘Self cards’ face down,

draw a card each, and standit on the

card holder, without checking your

‘Self cards’(as shown right).

  • Shuffle all the remaining cards,

Make a pile and place it face down

in the center of playing area.

  • Draw two cards each, which will be one’s hand.



Round begins

The person who has cared to take self-discovery most recently will be the starting player. The person on the left will be the next player.

One round finishes when every player has played

a card.

Turn begins

The player reveal a card at the Blue position in front of oneself, declaring”I am not ~~!”,which is written on the blue side of the card. Other members will judge whether the declaration is True or False.



If the declaration was true, the card stays in the Blue position. If it was false, other members tell the player”You are wrong.”, and replace the card in the Red position.Check out the correlation diagram to see which ‘Self card’ belongs to what category.



A Casablanca is Plant

as well as Flower.

But is not Vertebrate, Animal, Bird,Tree or other  ‘Self cards’.

‘Ego’ belongs to nowhere.



Now the left player’s turn.


Round ends

  • Draw

When every player has taken a turn, each player

draw a card from a pile.

The starting player checks a

pile before everyonedraw card,

to make sure there are enough

cards. If there were less cards than

players, skip Draw and Trade, and

start a new round with one card in each hand.




  • Trade

After draw, every player choose

one card out of two cards in hand,

and give it to the left person.



You should not see the card given from the right person before you give your card.

You can’t give the card you have just received.



■How to place the cards

When you place the cards

in front of you , arrange them as

shown right, so that you can see

the sentences on the top side

of the card.


 How do you Win?

If you are sure what your ‘Self card’ is,then declare ”COGITO!”. You can declare it in someone-else’s turn. If more then one player declared COGITO at the same time, it will be dealt clockwise. When COGITO is declared, the game stops for a while. The player continuously declare ”I am ~~!”. If the declaration was right

and the player successfully found oneself, the player wins and the game ends. If the declaration

was wrong, the player loses oneself and loses the game.


 Ego Distruption(Lose)

The player who has lost oneself loses the game

and can’t play thereafter. Leave cards face down

until the game ends.There are two cases in Ego distuption.

  • When you declared COGITO and failed to guess your ‘Self card’
  • When you have two Red position cards in your playing field.



When all players fell into Ego Distuption, the game ends in a tie.Also, when no one declares COGITO even after all players have no card in hand, the game ends in a tie, including the player who have fallen into ego distuption earlier.


 Special Cards



■No Red position

There is no Red position in this

card. You reveal this card,

declaring”Life is but a dream.”

There is no T-or-F Judge.

■Return every card to the pile

When this card is revealed, all the

cards in the playing field go back

To the pile. Return every card (except “Dream”card) face down under the pile. No need to shuffle. The cards placed after ‘Dream’ card remains in the playing field.




■No Blue position

There is no Blue position in the

card,for it is inconsistent to say

“I am not Ego”. When you reveal

this card, you have to place

Red position.

■Desn’t belong to any category

EGO doesn’t belong to any

category. Therefore, if a player had

EGO card as the ‘Self card’, his/her declaration of “I am not ~~” will always be True.

EGOcard is always in Red position, so if it is placed in the playing field, the player takes a risk of falling into ego disruption(two Red position cards in field equals to ego disruption). If you must place it in your playing field, look grave and declare ”Needless to say, I am Ego!”


Unclear points, the knack of the game, etcetera, see this site




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