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2018年04月30日(月) 23:42

【H02】”Carbo” the royal powers of the world championship


This time, it became impossible to open a store due to circumstances.
I would like to apply again next time.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.


“Carbo” is the islands of the forest, water and the gods

The king and the seven brave men reached there.

Culture the field and plant fruit trees and build a town

People increased and the kingdom flourished

At that time another kingdom was built on the other side of the island

The kings broke down and fought

Seek Seiren’s tears and Aphrodite’s inscription on the waterside

Put in the woods and pick up the Hercules sword

When Ikaros wings are picked up, the battle of a endless fight has been started.


“Carbo” the royal powers of the world championship are battle simulation games.

In the island of Carbo, an army composed of the king, three knights and people will increase the territory, increase the population and fight for supremacy. Various items picked up in the forest and water are useful when fighting. In addition, disasters occur every cycle, and the war situation changes accordingly.

Enjoy the tremendous battle where power, brains and luck crossed.

In addition, Carbo is the third artistic game presented by Régalez.

Please also enjoy the beauty of the items.



Hikaru Ichiyoshi


2019春 両-H08 体験卓あり

ゲームをしながらアートする 新しい感覚のアートゲームです 知力・勘・運が勝敗を決めます。 Trumplusシリーズもあります。